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Class org.openide.explorer.propertysheet.PropertyPanel

Added Constructors
PropertyPanel(Property) Create a new property panel for displaying/editing the specified property
PropertyPanel(Property, int) Create a new property panel for the specified property with the specified preferences.

Added Methods
void addNotify() Overridden to install the inner component that will display the property
void firePropertyChange(String, Object, Object) Overridden to catch changes in those client properties that are relevant to PropertyPanel
Dimension getMinimumSize() Overridden to return the preferred size
Dimension getPreferredSize()  
Property getProperty() Fetch the property that this PropertyPanel displays.
boolean isFocusable() Overridden to return false in cases that the preferences specify a read-only state
void processFocusEvent(FocusEvent)  
void removeNotify() Overridden to dispose the component that actually displays the property and any state information associated with it
void setForeground(Color)  
void setProperty(Property) Set or change the property this PropertyPanel will display
String toString() Overridden to provide information from the embedded property renderer if not in custom editor mode

Changed Methods
PropertyEditor getPropertyEditor() Now deprecated.
The property panel does not cache the property editor, and depending on its state, it may not consistently return the same property editor instance on repeated calls.

Added Fields
int PREF_TABLEUI Constant defining a preference for a borderless UI suitable for use in a table

Changed Fields
String PROP_PROPERTY_EDITOR Now deprecated.
- the property editor is re-fetched from the underlying property object as needed.